Uncategorized March 10, 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room?

Painting a room is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to quickly freshen up that room. On average, if you already own paint equipment, you’ll pay about $415 to paint a room. If you need to buy equipment, that brings the total cost up to about $760. Hiring a professional painter will cost between two and five times more than painting the room yourself, depending on who you hire and the type of paint they use. Some painters get a great discount and pass the savings on to their customers while others pocket that savings.

How Much It Costs to Paint a Room

Whether you decide to paint the room by yourself or hire a professional painter is a major determining factor of the cost to paint the room. Interior painting is largely a labor-driven project.

The Cost to Paint Room by Yourself

If you are painting a room by yourself, on average it will cost $415 for the supplies alone. Paint supplies will cost $235 for a small room, $390 for a medium room, and $610 for a large room.

If you need to purchase painting equipment, this will add about $350 to the cost of the project, no matter the size of room. So, a small room will cost $585, a medium room $740, and a large room $960. Averaging all room sizes is about $760.


Make Sure the Finished Product Looks Professional!

If you know you will be rushed, hate prepping or won’t have the time to really cut in or protect your floors, perhaps you should hire a pro. Especially if your thinking about selling. My buyers notice bad paint jobs right away and honestly they will then want to fix it, adding time and money to the equation. Therefore this could limit their offer price or make them want to keep looking.

My sellers will have access to my contacts for painters, roofers, flooring installers, etc. Even if we aren’t working together yet, just reach out and ask.